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What Is a Pay Raise at Work?

What Is A Pay Raise At Work?

Many companies seem to shy away from these pieces of information like they’re trade secrets. Layoffs, pay cuts, and market disruptions are very real, and they can all affect how you distribute the budget. That is why you must revise and adapt your plan once or twice a year to reflect those changes.

What Is A Pay Raise At Work?

Expressing your gratitude can set a positive tone as your request is considered. Performance reviews are stressful, regardless of which side of the table one is sitting on. In addition to their daily work, managers also have a lot of work to do in order to prepare and check your performance and other feedback. So when you approach your manager with your request, remember that your boss is also an employee with emotions as natural as yours. So you must ensure that you choose the right time to open this discussion. If you set an early meeting, mention your agenda so that your manager is not caught by surprise.

What should you not say when asking for a raise?

Employees who are confident enough to ask for a raise, and back it up with a clear business rationale for why it will benefit the business. This will often involve a growth or employee development plan to upskill the employee to the next stage in their career. When an employee exceeds expectations, takes on new work, and creates their own high-value niche within your organization. These are employees who regularly go above and beyond, and look for ways to grow the business.

  • It’s always a good idea to have a general talk with your boss about how and when raises are handed out.
  • This sets you apart because you’ll be the employee who can speak to the head and the heart of your company’s clients.
  • Once you have the template, fill it in with the information you collected above and practice it—a lot.
  • Merit raises are tied to specific goals, whether with the employee’s career development or with the projects the employees are involved with.
  • The manager and HR team are responsible for identifying one or more of these key factors in determining salary increases and lobbying on behalf of the employee.
  • If your company does fire you for asking for a raise, you likely had no real future or potential for growth in that company anyway.

Know what a competitive salary looks like for your position. The gender pay gap is still present, and more work is needed to resolve the issue. Living wage refers to a theoretical wage level that allows an individual to afford adequate shelter, food, and other necessities. Retirement planning helps determine retirement income goals, risk tolerance, and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. People who depend on bonuses as part of their compensation package may not be able to keep pace with inflation unless the bonuses are large.

Provide your request in writing.

List all of your reasons for wanting a raise before proceeding with your request. Don’t ask for higher pay because your rent went up or you’re frustrated because your cubicle partner doesn’t What Is A Pay Raise At Work? work as hard as you and earns the same pay rate. Once again, when employees receive the same raise, the raise fails to motivate and reward your organization’s best performing employees.

And you may feel burned outand underpaid, but you’re going to need to let this go to have a useful conversation. Buckmaster says this is especially true at large organizations—and it’s why you’ll want to start thinking about your Ask far in advance. If you’re not sure if your company has an annual review process, you can ask Human Resources or your boss.